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Feb 3, 1916 to Jan 22, 1917
Jan 31, 1976 to Feb 17, 1977

Dragon people are the most eccentric in the Chinese Zodiac. (Someone has to.) Soaring high into the serene heavens, they can be stubborn, (check) passionate, excitable, (Doh! Check and check) honest, (I try.) and brave, (I REALLY try.) wear purple and walk barefoot in public fountains (Doesn't everyone?). They listen to their own drummer, (Insert music or comic book geek joke here...) thank you very much, while the rest of the world stands in amazement. People always admire their individuality and feisty personality. Dragons are capable of doing great work for mankind and they inspire trust in almost everyone. The Dragon symbolizes life and growth and is said to bring the five blessings: harmony, virtue, riches, fulfillment and longevity. (Thanks, but if I can survive the day with one person feeling better about it, I've done my job. Beyond that I'm not holding my breath.)

Chicken Soup and Bamboo Shoots are among keys to even greater good health! (PHO!!!!!!!)

Downright electrifying, Fire Dragons breathe vigor and power. These natural leaders smile at adversity, (More like impuent smirk, really), turn complainers into optimists (*cough*), and lead lives as inspired as a Beethoven Sonata (Nah, but I've got the COOLEST friends in the world to aid me in trying!). They are square shooters in dealing with individuals and are often called upon to mediate disputes (Does verbal clubbing over the head count as "mediation?"). Because they care so much about people, Fire Dragons like to support charitable causes and bring friends together for elegant evening soirees (On my budget?!?). These Dragons are fired with ambition, unflagging enthusiasm, and intelligence and enjoy most impressive careers as a result (BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!). Despite all the money they make, Finance is a big question mark. Money is easy come easy go. Until they control their spending habits, money will just go flying in the wind. Romantics at heart, Fire Dragons can't help playing Matchmaker. (DOH! My only saving grace is that I'm not half bad at it.) They're pretty lucky, too! As for themselves, they ooze charisma and never need anyone to fix them up. Successful in love, often placed on pedestals, Fire Dragons are attractive and have fire in the belly. The opposite sex feels very secure. (One would hope my Muppet feels secure enough. I try...)

Famous Dragon People: Ringo Starr, Edward Heath, Dr. Seuss, John Lennon, Harold Wilson, Helen Keller, Pearl S. Buck, Salvador Dali, Francois Mitterrand, Hosni Mubarek, Maya Angelou. (Hey! No fair leaving of Joan of Arc!)
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