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Wherever You Happen to Be, Guys, Thanks.

I was on assignment yesterday listening to NPR. There was a woman mountain climber talking on the show about her pioneering treks up Himalayan peaks and hiking across the Alps with a baby on her back. Hey, mountain hiking is not my thing, but I understand the tomboy "because it's there," impulse. What got my attention the most though was how she started climbing in the first place. A friend of hers asked if she wanted to come with him to Mt. Hood.


I got to thinking about some unsung heroes of feminism. Some people who likely thought they didn't have any impact or it was no big deal or whatever. Likely enough, I'll have some people telling me that women had to fight for it all and they aren't heroes because of this or that.

Bull. Here is some heartfelt thanks.

To Joseph and Sean. I still remember you walking up the hill to Grandma's with me in kindergarten. I remember you telling me how cool Wonder Woman was and how I had to watch Superfriends...and to stick around for "G.I. Joe," and when "Inspector Gadget," was on. You opened a whole world to me (and it's one I still play dress up in - sort of).

To Gahan, who had girl best friends who were older than him and was cool about it - and who let me swordfight him with a stick without a second thought.

To Gramps, who wanted a son and when that didn't happen, a grandson, and when that didn't happen figured the girl twins would work out just fine. Thanks for taking me fishing and camping and introducing me to the fine art of swearing...especially at Republicans.

To Tony Gonzalas - wherever you are. Thanks for all those games of "V," and "G.I. Joe," "Thundercats," "Voltron," and yes, thank you for calling me to play Wonder Woman. I just realized the kind of balls it must have taken you. Seriously. Jehovah's Witnesses don't generally go geek. In fact, they usually see it as against God's plan. First, good job in smuggling that stuff from your sitter. Second, thanks for calling a girl to be your second every time you wanted to run a show in elementary school when boys don't normally call girls for that stuff at that age.

To Jeff Guevera - For being the only guy on the hockey team who yelled out, "Come on guys! Give her a chance," when I picked up a stick after much grumbling. I remember they where pretty okay with me after I got the second goal in.

And to all the guys out there who didn't give a second thought to asking a girl to come along and do something - not because she was female and there was a point to be made, but because she was your friend, classmate, co-worker, daughter, granddaughter, or just plain there and you figured, "what the hell?". Thank you. You likely don't remember us, but at least one of those ladies remembers you.
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