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The dangers of mixing your geek

I reloaded Might and Magic 2 on my computer and have been dorking around with it between study breaks. In this game your party can consist of 6 characters of various D&D style classes. On a whim, I just decided, "what the hell," broke down and made a Titans team of the founders plus Omen. I expected them to flop and get some humor that way. Nope. The troop is scary enough that I'm considering the wisdom of a JSA team.

Still, there's some unintentional moments of funny...

Flash finds Lantern (Yeah, the Flash generally can.)
Troia hits for 200 damage! Amazon goes down! (Way to go princess.)
Nightwing is killed! (Didio seems to think it would be a barrel of monkeys.)
Flash casts holy word! (Well, he does scream, "Oh God," a lot.)
Arsenal casts Walk on Water. (Roy, if someone asks you if your a god, you say YES!)
Omen casts identify monster (If anyone could...)
Become the Olympic Athlete of your dreams! (This one is obscure funny or jla_watchtower funny)
Encounter! 30+ Zombies (Wait, when did Joe Quesada's posse get in here?)
Dead Head hits Tempest! Tempest lost experience! (So THAT explains Cerdian's off-panel sex change!)

My favorite:
Arsenal shoot Seductress! Seductress not affected!
Seductress hits Arsenal for 216 points! Arsenal goes down!
Troia hits Seductress for 300 damage! Seductress goes down!
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